3d Mapping – Photogrammetry

Utilizing the most advanced software available, we will create an interactive 3D map that generates a unique view that can't be produced by still images or video.

Action Sports

Get awesome action footage with drone technology! Capture unforgettable moments with stunning aerial views. We cover all action sports, including motocross, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding,surfing or anything active.

Brand Advertisement

Breathe innovation into your business with high-tech branding and drone advertising. Using the latest in drone services, we can expand the versatility of your brand to help your business get noticed and make a lasting impression.


Watch live events from a drone's-eye view! Capture invaluable moments such as weddings, competitions, concerts, expos, presentations, and gatherings. Don't miss a moment! For some the sky is the limit, but when you fly with Summit Drones, the sky is only the beginning.


One thing we take seriously is safety and efficiency. We use our drones to inspect infrastructure, power lines, and roofing reducing the risk to workers who ordinarily have to make the treacherous climb, also cutting down time and costs.


We perform precision agriculture monitoring, ensuring your crops, fairways and land is healthy and in the best possible condition.


Give your clients a unique bird’s eye view of their dream property.


Increase your business’ productivity by monitoring the movement of equipment, materials, and personnel so you know if you are on track to meet your deadline.

Thermal Imaging – Coming Soon