Does your Business Need 3D Mapping?

The use of 3D mapping technology has become a standard in many industries. If you’ve ever received a same-day crown, the dentist probably took a 3d map of your tooth. When you use your GPS device, 3d mapping is used to create a three-dimensional view of the route and terrain.

3d mapping is the one of the most impressive breakthroughs in three-dimensional technology. So, what is 3d mapping?

Understanding 3D Mapping

3D mapping technology or “photogrammetry” takes a series of overlapping photos and stitches these photos together to create three-dimensional interactive map of the subject. Many programs use this 3d mapping to bring maps to life with realistic views of locations, buildings and roads. This technology has revolutionized the mapping world.

Portable GPS devices use 3d mapping when displaying directions and maps of the road. 3d mapping is useful in creating construction schematics and producing three-dimensional views of the blueprints. These plans can be helpful in obtaining building permits prior to construction.

The Science of 3D Mapping

The evolution of 3d mapping is rapidly growing and now there are many applications that use it, especially in surveying and material monitoring.

There are endless uses for 3d mapping, but we listed a few areas where the technology has proven invaluable.

Anatomy – Doctors and medical practitioners use 3d mapping technology to study human anatomy. The complex map of the human body is made up of muscles, organs and arteries and this technology makes it possible for doctors to obtain views of these organs that was once only visible in an autopsy. As mentioned earlier, dentistry also utilizes 3d mapping in different procedures.

Astronomy – Scientists are using 3d mapping technology to map space with three-dimensional creations of stars, planets and galaxies.

Engineering – When building cars and boats, 3d mapping can be used to generate a 3d concept for the designer. It is also a quicker and less expensive method than building clay models. 3d mapping technology is used to create better designs and infrastructures for entire cities. 

Science – Used in many areas of science, 3d mapping makes complex concepts easier to understand. 3d software can be used to study human genetics, by displaying a 3d view of DNA that scientists can study.

Archaeology – 3d mapping is used in rendering and recreating forgotten civilizations and architectural feats, such as the Parthenon in Greece. 

Sports – There are several sports that use 3d mapping technology. 3D mapping professionals Summit Drones recently mapped a golf course in Southern California, signifying the undeniable impact of 3d mapping in the golfing industry.

Summit Drones on the racecourse – “We have personally used this technology to map racecourses for riders to study the course before hand, giving them the confidence and understanding of the environment,” said Summit Drones CEO Kevin Barba.

Put your Business on the Map

Incorporating 3d mapping into your business model can expand the flexibility of your business and highlight high-tech services. 3d mapping can even be used to save time and money.

“Everyone from surveyors, to architects are using the technology to effectively monitor progress in real time, saving money, but more importantly saving time,” said Barba.

There are constantly exciting advances in this field. For instance, “3d mapping is beginning to shift toward a merge with virtual reality, giving users the ability to experience an environment in real time from the comfort of their home, office or from any location,” said Barba.

Let Summit Drones Map your Success

Applications that incorporate 3d mapping can help brand a business as smart, creative and edgy. When considering whether or not 3d mapping can be beneficial for your company, consult other businesses that are using the technology and find experienced, affordable professionals to map your project.
If you are looking for real answers, from real people, 3D mapping is a primary focus at Summit Drones and they take pride in working to achieve the best client experience possible.

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