5 Reasons To Use Drones In Your Corporate Video

If your business is ready to invest in a professional corporate video, budget for drone footage. Nothing compares to the footage you can capture from a drone. From still images to videos, any business can elevate a corporate video with the use of drones.

Dress for Success

The footage you obtain with drones will give your corporate video a professional edge. Panoramic shots, crowd fly-overs and large-scale photos come to life when captured by trained pilots using the best quality drones. The GoPro is a blast, but it lacks the endless mobility and remarkable 4k videos produced by professional drones.

Save Money

A single drone pilot has replaced several positions. The pilot is now the camera operator and no one needs to crawl into a helicopter. Drones can stream footage to a pilot’s controller and film from ground level up to 400 feet. This means you can adjust angles and framing on the spot while you are filming, verses editing later or having to film it again.


Drone footage has great value and can be used for much more than just your corporate video. Repurpose shots for use in promotions, commercials, training guides, your online gallery and social media. If you want to save time and money, try to plan out the shots before shooting and use footage in different mediums.

Do It Big with Drones

Drones can capture large-scale scenes unlike any other camera. With sky-high views and close-up shots, drones can create a cinematic feel. Drones can easily capture an entire vineyard or explore dangerous terrain. They allow pilots to fly, without leaving the ground.



A big corporate video gives the impression that you invest in your own success and will invest in your clients. As you project an edgy, confidence impression, you will gain credibility and establish authority in your field. Do it big using drones.

Attract Attention

Make waves or rather shoot them with drones. Stream live to video screens that everyone can view. Bring energy and create a buzz at any event with drone coverage. Drones give any event an elite and high-tech advantage.


Guests will look up, point, shout and be amused by drones at your event. They will film your drone filming and talk to it. Then they will post and share their capture on social media. Ignite your crowd by staffing the party with drones.

Follow the Leader

Many huge industries already use drones as standard practice. Realtors use aerial videos to capture the layout of the property, so that potential buyers can view the property and location online. Drones can be used to view the progress of construction sites, view concerts or festivals, or to shoot outdoor activities such as kayaking, mountain climbing and surfing.


At Summit Drones, professional pilots are the leaders. The trained and experienced drone operators are not experimenting at your event. With live footage, you have to get the shot the first time. If you are shooting a corporate video, but lacking something spectacular, contact Summit Drones. They work with budgets and work for clients.

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