Drones in Business: A Competitive Advantage

Can your business optimize operations and expand its reach with drone technology? You may have heard about the impressive capabilities of drones, but how can it be used in business? The technology is capable of much more than just air deliveries.


The U.S. military uses drones for search and rescue missions, for surveillance and to gather intelligence. Drones can also be used in tasks that are too risky for humans.

Real Estate

Drone tours are the hottest thing in real estate for buyers or sellers. A joint study done years ago by Google and the National Association of Realtors revealed that 70 percent of buyers want to see walk-through video tours.
“But only 3 percent of realtors are using video tours and I would imagine that even less are offering the use of drone footage,” said realtor Melissa Donaldson. Her broker shoots aerial drone footage of a property when listing a client, but most agencies are not that progressive.

Hiring a professional to shoot your property means anyone can take a tour of your place, at any time. Clients can come from all over the world, verses those who can make an appointment to meet a realtor at your house. Some experts say drone videos are a must when listing your home. “Don’t limit yourself to forty clients, when you can be seen by 40,000” advised Donaldson.

Weddings and Events

Weddings shot from a drone’s-eye-view captures unforgettable memories. Drones can capture the entire property from aerial angles, as well as approach guests for individual input, while shooting high-definition photos and videos.

Some videographers offer the service, but there is no second take at most special events, so make sure they have drone experience. Look for professionals with trained skills and reliable equipment. Expect nothing less than amazing quality photos and videos shot from spectacular aerial views. Are drones on your guest list?

Data Acquisition

The information collected in drone-based data could lead to monetary savings and safety improvements. Data gathered from drones can be used to analyze strategies and streamline procedures. Remote operations and sophisticated software can be used to gather this data that was not previously available to many businesses.


Many businesses are finding that drones can be helpful in inventory. Drones can easily climb into high, small and even dangerous places without risking injury to a person. Flying a drone to record, scan and track items is quicker and faster than having someone climb a ladder.

Environmental and Terrain Studies

Drones provide a minimal disruption when observing animal habitat and wildlife in a natural setting. They can also be used to study rough terrains or mountainous regions. However, it is important to adhere to FAA regulations regarding unmanned aircrafts, including speed, height and weight limits. If you choose to hire a professional, they will know the current laws and restrictions. When manning a drone yourself, be sure to know the current local and federal laws regarding unmanned aircrafts.

If you have a question about using drone technology in your business, contact the professionals at Summit Drones. They can service a project of any size and will offer superior customer support.

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